The Chinese Celebration (Pork and Chicken)

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Want Chinese Food for your next meeting or party? Look no further because we've assembled the most popular arrangement of Chinese food all in one package for your convenience! We provide the full set-up and plates, napkins, utensils and sterno set-up to keep it all hot!

This Package feeds about 15 people and includes:

10 Pork Egg Rolls

5 Quarts of Wonton Soup

3 Quarts of Chicken Fried Rice and 3 Quarts of Pork Fried Rice

3 Quarts of Pork Lo Mein and 3 Quarts of Chicken Lo Mein

3 Quarts of Sweet and Sour Chicken and 3 Quarts of Chicken and Broccoli 

This will also come with soy and duck sauce on the side as well!

This is perfect for Birthday Party Catering and Corporate Catering Events! Catering for a party may be hard doing it all yourself but with our pre-built custom packages we make party catering easy!