Hot Coffee and Tea Display Bar

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Who doesn't love coffee? Get coffee for the whole crowd with our Full Service Hot Coffee and Tea Display Bar, perfect for letting your guests create their own beverage of choice with Whole Milk, Half and Half Cream, 2 flavors of single serve creamers, and of course sugar to add to your coffee or tea! This display comes fully set-up with coffee cups, lids, stirrers, and hot sleeve holders. 

This Display is perfect for Corporate Catering, Business Meetings and Events and it pairs perfectly with dessert being served during your event!

We offer Hot Regular Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Dark Roast Coffee, or Hot Water with Tea Bags for your guests to enjoy their own custom drink! These urns holds up to 5 gallons of fresh coffee which serves about 50 guests per urn. These urns will stay hot for up to 3 hours with the sterno we light under the urn for you.

This is fully set-up and cleaned by our staff with no work required from you at all! Simply select how many urns you would like for your event in the quantity section ranging from 2-4 and add them to your cart and when you complete your order we will contact you asking what you would like to fill each urn with, it's that easy!