King Cotton Candy Smoothie and Shirley Temple Bar

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We are one of the first companies to bring you an amazing experience with Fresh Pineapple Smoothies! We custom built an amazing travel bar allowing us to go anywhere from your house to indoor/ outdoor events and serve you fresh cut pineapples cored and filled with delicious smoothies! Our staff will prepare the smoothies right before your eyes and you sit back and enjoy the experience! Like always we include full setup, production and clean up of all our rentals so you have a headache free event!

We are the only company on Earth with this product and it is a signature difference between other event companies and our innovation and creativity! We have the King Cotton Candy Smoothie! This is 27 inches in total height and is hand-cut fresh pineapple filled with a delicious smoothie, with the 17 inch tall straw being wrapped with your favorite cotton candy flavors! This truely is one of a kind! Also included in this package is our Shirley Temple Bar and unlimited cotton candy cones to go with your experience for the time provided! This is the BEST Package we offer for any event experience and truely you and your guests will remember this for a lifetime!

Our Smoothie Flavors are our Strawberry Extreme which is Strawberries, Bananas, Papaya Juice Blend. Our Pineapple Power is Pear Passionfruit Juice Blend, Bananas, Apple Pineapple Juice Blend, and Papaya Juice Blend. This Package also includes our handcrafted Shirley Temples that have 3 flavors of Traditional Cherry, Blue Raspberry and our Signature Cotton Candy Shirley Temple! All three of those flavors will be provided! Our Cotton Candy Flavors include Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Pink Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple and Pina Colada! Once you order this we will contact you about which smoothie and cotton candy flavors you would like!